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 CARE Detox  Services Consultants LLC is an experienced consulting, business development, marketing, implementation and management company specializing in treatment of alcohol and drug addiction 

OUR TEAM  has worked in the hospital medical detox, chemical dependency and behavioral health profession for over 27 years  

WE have consulted with development , implementation        and /or management of behavioral health, detox, chemical dependency and substance abuse programs

Our mission

  Our mission is to help ER's , hospital medical detox , substance abuse or behavioral  health facilities,  increase census, develop, implement ,and or manage services , while helping provide quality and compassionate CARE for persons in need of stabilization, observation or treatment for alcohol or other drug addiction



We are pleased to introduce to you "CARE Detox Services Consultants LLC " 

We consult, develop, implement and or manage  services for up to a 23 hour in-patient medical stabilization, observation or medical clearence  at free standing emergency room's  or at a medical hospital where we can provide an extended elective 3-5 day in-patient stabilization service for intoxication and or withdrawals from alcohol and or other drugs. 


With the opiate and addiction crisis sweeping the country, we are experiencing high profile, and working class people seeking help that are unable or unwilling to enter a 21-30-day residential treatment center. This is due  to some of the roadblocks listed below they encounter while seeking treatment

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Some insurances deny residential treatment unless they have several failed out-patient treatment attempts 

Most out-patient treatment programs won’t accept clients unless they have been medically stabilized

Some treatment or behavioral health centers want their patients medically cleared or detoxed before being accepted at their facility 

Some clients try to quit  using on their own so they can be admitted into outpatient  treatment , but are unable to due to the withdrawals they are experiencing.

Some deductibles -co-pays  required by treatment centers are higher than the cash price for this service making this alternative more affordable for the person seeking help                                       

Some clients prefer to be treated in a medical hospital or ER for intoxication or withdrawal due to a higher level of care, confidentiality, and avoiding the stigma associated with going to a drug and alcohol or behavioral health center for treatment


Some first responders, safety sensitive employees, professionals, and high -profile clients  fear they could lose their jobs if found out they are addicted and would rather pay cash than use their employers health plan.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Some patients have medical problems associated with addiction that can only be treated in an ER or medical hospital. 

We remove those roadblocks by providing  alternative solutions to these problems

Here is how we will assist you in providing this help. 

We will help you develop, implement, monitor, market and /or manage this service 

 We will help you expand services being offered, providing a valuable service to the community. 

All patients admitted into the hospital elective detox service will be screened for medical necessity, financial eligibility and approved for admission by your medical director .

Staff will be trained in the process of screening, intake, assessment, and discharge planning. Inquiries that do not meet criteria for admission will be given several referrals where they can obtain help. 

Upon discharge,  staff will have reviewed with the patients, the referrals and appointments scheduled for their continuum of care. 

Our Team would like to discuss this finacially profitable opportunity we  provide. If you would like more information about our services, please 


                    Frank Valley CEO  (361)-533-9021                             



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